Reviews for "a dog named BEN"


That was the worst crap ever! It was totally random and made no sense at all...which actually made it funny. That is the only saving grace for this flash...


First off Cute dog and art, the very simple "ART" and "COLOS" made it pleasent and entertaining, The funny characters like the two guys and the laughing dude was funny haha, i love the humor, also liked how you used full colo even in the backrounds, anyways good funny flash you have here, keep it up...



ur mi h3-row

He does it for fun...

So don't Get pissed at him because he has a sense of humour. There are heaps more movies that are crapper than this.

your reeeeallly weird

but somehow you have hypnotized me into thinking your funny.
your dog iz koul!
yay b3n