Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

Cool maaaan

Ur dog Ben is real cool and I watn to pet him it a shame he had a fite with spiderman becoz we counld play withis crane

lol odd but funny

man i love the jerry jacksons ther funny as hell ther all like random things and just funny shit

Ben Has A Wicked Crane

The good
The funniest part of this flash was when Ben, the dog stabbed a kid and they went to his funeral although they really didn't know who the hell he was and they didn't really care. The dog just walked up to someone and stabbed him, wow talk about issues. For some reason, I think you are way too much of a Linkin Park fan.

The bad
The animation, but isn't that the way a like Jerry Jackson's animations?


Dude no matter what people say u make me laugh alot your work might not be the best but ur style on most of ur Flash are perfect.
the person before me who said that we shouldn't help JJ can shhh basically if people want to Vote good for this kids FUNNY work then they should.


Lol the dog stabs him...

hilariously random, bad graphics but w/e, very funny.