Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

to that last person

"how the hell you got you own section i'll never know"
Hey this is Newgrounds. I dont know about you, but I've noticed the quality died over an year ago. It's now hailing old authors, kissing ass and advertising. Anything stupid gets high rates. Cant say this doesnt deserve at least 4/5 of the score though, its pretty fun. But getting own section and ... nevermind.

it's okay...


but the graphics could seriously have been a lot better...

Dont listen to the guy below me...

I think these are probably the best thingg on NG, and shows that you dont need great graphics for a great film. Well done


"I have got a knife in this box and I am gonig to go and staba little boy with it."
That is classic gold!


amazing film! me com lol