Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

Very nice, my friend.

It kicked ass. Keep it up. Don't listen to anyone, you rock.

Crazy cart22n :)

Maybe the graphics aren't good, but seriously, this cart22n is hilarious. A dog called BEN who has a crane and plays on it. He even went on top of the house with it. O__O Also, fighting against a cat called Spider-Man. LOL, I found that random. Then Ben killing someone and no-one said anything at the funeral, LMAO! Great humour Jerry!


Funny movie

The best Jerry Jackson movie I've seen so far!
It's very funny.
Love the animation.

I wish my printer was turbo fast...

Haha! Another winner from the legend that is Jerry Jackson. Has the calculater turned back into your room yet?

Simply hilarious!

Your style is so original. Your voice acting is authentic the way you try to impersonate a little kid. Simple story but the concept is hilarious. Absolutely make more =]