Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

freakin funny

omfg i am still freakin laughing that was so damn funny make more of these please me and everyone who watched it with me re still laughing

Regarding the last review...

Wow... I can't believe that there are people on here that don't realize that this is SUPPOSED to look crappy and SUPPOSED to look n00bish. That's the whole charm of the flashes that David Fir... er, I mean, Jerry Jackson is creating. Get a clue.

PS... Ben rulz.

the people who dont like you..

dont appreciate ur randomness and are assholes. i love u man!

haha flash parodizors

Love the flash related details.
Like the erased arms, and he still has an arm stick out from a different part. Aw man.
Also, the same voice for everything makes it fun.
Stay true to the style. It pulls you in as you watch more episodes!

lol but uh...

it was funny and made me lol thru it but the animation needs work,so i give u
9/10 and 4/5