Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

Pure genius.

You are probably the funniest author on NG, and I also get amusement not just from your movies but from the reviews of people who not only don't understand this sense of humour, but think your movies are 'bad' because you can't do 'any better'. If ever I need to laugh, I just come and watch one of your movies.

I just got it.

YOur cartooons are enjoyable, and you cannot be called racist if all your jokes are not meant to offend people. I'm black myself. Keep it up O.o, the're amusing, and i can tell, if you wanted to, you make the animation much better, but this style fits,


The little boy was all like, "Ah."


Love It

Thing i like most is he makes the cartoons for a certain topic and just drifts off lol.

i dont like things named ben.....:ben:you shoudnt of done that:me:AAAAAAAAH