Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

Good heavens

This is just so much fun. I've been watching your flashes for days, and I am still laughing.

What I liked in this one was especially the duck inside the belly. The way the other duck answers "yes" almost before the first one has finished his sentence is really hilirious.

I prefer Jerry Jackson Productions to Disney.

Every single one!

I swear you sound exactly like David Firth in every single one, so random but hilirous I don't know how salad Fingers omg got blammed

i loiks puppis i do

i loiks de music in the background, and how do u make these?

i luv this movie you rock!

one question tho... why do you say "rate" when you want to say very? its like british how they say "a right good chap" exept slang so it's like "a rate good chap". weird...


jerry jackson animations are amazing and hilarious people dont understand that jerry jackson is a fictional charactor made up by david firth, (for people who dont know who he is he made salad fingers) he's anamazingly funny animator.