Reviews for "a dog named BEN"


The little boy was all like, "Ah."


Wizardman sucks balls

because he gave this a 2 i give this a 10 because of this,

"ben what have u got in that box"
"i have a knife and im gonna stab a little boy with it"

Lol lmao soo funny


(Note: I know this is supposed to be poor, I'm still rating this based on what I see). I saw what you were trying to do
; you were tryign to make your animation poor and in turn make us laugh. Well, you did one out of two. This flash was ery hard for me to watch, the voice was extremely annoying (get a better actor perhaps), the story is quite confusing, and I just watched it but can only remember a bit of it. Plus, the graphics actually weren't too bad (better than the terrible artists you were impersonating anyway).


I love this cartoon,although I do have to ask if your dog is neuturd?You know what I'm talking about,... ;)
Anyway, good job,keep it up!

LOL the dog has a crane wtf!

lol funny funny... funny... funny, uhh y does the dog have a crane, and wat does a printer have to do with a dog? maybe he bought it? or maybe he pays for the turbo to be installed? or does he need it for his job at the bakery? no one will no, but funny