Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

omg teh five

I don't know what the hell you're on but I want some of it...that was hilarious.


Wow, that was funny, I liked the Peter Kay-esque accent too!! Wow, so funny. Well done. The thing is, You can't tell wether the crapness is just for humor or wether you are shit. Whichever- You are comedic genius!

freakin funny

omfg i am still freakin laughing that was so damn funny make more of these please me and everyone who watched it with me re still laughing

That was funny

Even though the graphics weren't good, it seemed to add to the overall flash's mood. Anyways, good job. I hope to see more of your work in the future. :)

this is...

...the greatest thing i have ever seen -.-;