Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

LMAO! ! ! !! !!!

The stuff you make is some of the funnyst/randomst things ive eva seen in my life !!! keep it up man...................

Oh and good luck wif dizney lol


You are the king of making retarded flashes! ROFLROFLROFL

Jerry Is BEST!

Jerry, you rock...
:D Your dog Ben is cool :D
I love your flash, u rule.

Again i laughed my arse off....

U rock jerry. This animation is one of the besteds of ur wrks. i liek it alot it is the lolzordz, uve even got me usin ur language at skool wiv my m8's and they sed i do a gud impression of u lolz. Plz respond to this, u responded to the pisshead who sed "matt 757 u suck" as the titel for their reveiw and i wuld just like u to respond to me coz u r a legends. i will not stop luvin u if u don't, i luvs u 2 mmuches. i wana see more! do more more more! if im annyin tell me 2 shut up plz :)


jerry you are awesome, all ur cartoons ROCK!

you are god...