Reviews for "a dog named BEN"


that was better than mario bros parodies

what you guys dont seem to understand isnt about the quality its about if it makes you laugh. its got style! if you want good quality go to far east flash...

*is going to far east flash*

Why are you peeple so dum with yer spellin?

So I just started watching this "jerry jackson" business and I think the voices he uses are clearly ripping off David Firth's, who is a horrible person that I have met personally, he is ripping off all the voices from him and his drawings seem like he is not even trying...almost like he is doin it just to get comments from silly newgrounds peeples. honestly I don't even really do the newgrounds thing that often but it's frickin obvious what's goin on, WAKE UP!

Enough with the willy jokes!!

ur falshes would be perfect if the willy jokes werent in every one!

Cool maaaan

Ur dog Ben is real cool and I watn to pet him it a shame he had a fite with spiderman becoz we counld play withis crane

Not as your other work

well I didnt enjoy this one as your other movies.. Thats about it.