Reviews for "a dog named BEN"


"I have got a knife in this box and I am gonig to go and staba little boy with it."
That is classic gold!

Dont listen to the guy below me...

I think these are probably the best thingg on NG, and shows that you dont need great graphics for a great film. Well done

Ben Has A Wicked Crane

The good
The funniest part of this flash was when Ben, the dog stabbed a kid and they went to his funeral although they really didn't know who the hell he was and they didn't really care. The dog just walked up to someone and stabbed him, wow talk about issues. For some reason, I think you are way too much of a Linkin Park fan.

The bad
The animation, but isn't that the way a like Jerry Jackson's animations?

u said it : BEN ROCKS!!! lol

man THAT's what i call a GREAT flash!!!

Continue workin man! :P (i gave it all 10 cuz your videos are the bests i ever seen)


I love your flash, jerry. Every time I see it, it makes me happy. This one is going on my favorites.