Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

the people who dont like you..

dont appreciate ur randomness and are assholes. i love u man!


Dude no matter what people say u make me laugh alot your work might not be the best but ur style on most of ur Flash are perfect.
the person before me who said that we shouldn't help JJ can shhh basically if people want to Vote good for this kids FUNNY work then they should.


One of the best in the series

The Good:
1. Unique Humor
2. Sooooooooooo stange, but good strange
3. I have to also have a dog

The Bad:
1. Not enough jokes
2. Be Stranger!!
3. My dogs called Monty, not Ben, although I am called Ben, but I am not a dog

Have a Nice Day :)

Can't stop laughing

I must be strange, i laughed my a*s off, and as i showed this to friends, they merely smile. Hmm. Whatsoever, the graphics are fun, sure, but cheap. Sound is great because of the freaky voice. Mr. Jackson, you did fine. My personal award for you


brilliant cartoon jerry jackson is under rated.