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Reviews for "Sasuke V.s. Naruto"


i fuking hate sakura!!!!!!!!!!!!! next time make shure sakura gets the shit beaten out of her by naruto!!!!!!


This was interesting some good action scenes which made it fun and entertaining, i really emjoyed it and had some fun watching it a second time, now my only issue was the size, but still a good flash, nice work...

Improve on the size if you can, maybe cut it down into two or something, still nice work though, keep it up...

A funny and balanced flash needs abit of details and some compressing...


not bad

ok there are only a couple things that you could improve on that i saw. first of all like the guy before me said, subtitles would be nice. also the sound quality was poor and a change of scenery or maybe lenghtening the movie would have helped.

That was rather funny

(To be honest, Im rather afraid to write this review, the last Naruto submission I reviewed, got 4 votes to not being helpfull, or being abusive, which was unfair, because I gave me opinion on the game, pointed out what i liked, & what could be improved, & gave it a high vote, so I reluctently write this.)

Oh terribly good, I liked the fight itself, which to be honest was a tad short m'laddo, but Sakura coming in the end to kick Naruto's ass, that was awfully entertaining, especially because she used the inner anger thing she often does in the series.

I do request that you put sub-titles, if so possible, & make it a tad longer next time, but apart from that, excellent submission

dude, that was great

although you need to subtitle it for us "non-japanese" it was great (actually i understood half of what they said, i been watching anime too much lol) anyway, i love how sakura came at the end and beat the shit out of naruto, funny, naruto can take down sasuke but cannot beat sakura lol