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Reviews for "Sasuke V.s. Naruto"


Let's see, the sprites were too small and used inefficiently. The plot is fine for those who understand what they are saying and/or those who know what Naruto is, but others would be extremely lost. I like anime and manga, I enjoy Sprite Flash, and I have respect for those on deviantart. But for an anime/manga based Sprite Flash, especially from someone on deviantart, this is way below what I was expecting. As for other stuff, Music was fitting as with the Sound FX and vocals, the fight was not like the awesome scenes in the Naruto Manga (saw little of the Anime), and although I found some of it humorous, not enough of it was funny. Just choose a fight scene that even those who don't know Naruto would enjoy and use subtitles. As well as improving on the above mentioned problems. I would suggest 26:Awakenings of the Manga series or the events leading to that part. I don't know if there is suitable sprites for that one, but it would be a cool scene to recreate.

Nice for your first flash on newgrounds

I must say at the end it gave me a laugh but i thought the fight scene could have been longer instead of over half of it being Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura talking in japanese, you should of added English text translations .

hehe that was funny

ok well that was pretty good i guess but i would really suggest putting in subtitles. 1 more thing, naruto fans, stop putting in 10's just because u like naruto!


i like it i just dont know what they say but of you guys wnat to see the real tv show it come soon