Reviews for "The Head - The Leg"


Fascinating with a morbid and mechanical twist. The way the limbs move and the rotating object in the background... especially remarkable.


Whoa dude, this flash was crazy, but I loved it. 8D
In fact, I think its the only experimental flash I've liked so far, is like all the pieces fitted together until they formed two additional separate beigns.
I voted 10 on graphics and style since it looked so good and unique, I didn't like the music that much though even though it fitted the animation so I gave you an 8 on that.


Dude it;'s in russian...shesh ccant' you read cryllic, lol j/k i'm rusisan it hard to learn. Cool animation but it as a weird song , even in russian standards...

Er, okay.

Not saying this a bad flash. But it was really boring.... the music was annoying and, what was it Italian or something? Coulden't understand the lyrics by just listening. The graphics were cool.

The weirdest thing on Newgrounds!

I can not descibe with words the oddness of this flash...
It is unique in its own way, apart from any other thing on newgrounds.
There is always something going on with his hands, its impossible to watch all his hands at once. This is so very creepy and outstanding in style. More style than one should be allowed...
Watch and see! Its WEIRD!