Reviews for "The Head - The Leg"

:. Different .:

Eh, yeah, that's the only word that came out of my mouth after watching. It sure is creative, made me think a lot too. Nice art.


Fascinating with a morbid and mechanical twist. The way the limbs move and the rotating object in the background... especially remarkable.


Whoa dude, this flash was crazy, but I loved it. 8D
In fact, I think its the only experimental flash I've liked so far, is like all the pieces fitted together until they formed two additional separate beigns.
I voted 10 on graphics and style since it looked so good and unique, I didn't like the music that much though even though it fitted the animation so I gave you an 8 on that.


Dude it;'s in russian...shesh ccant' you read cryllic, lol j/k i'm rusisan it hard to learn. Cool animation but it as a weird song , even in russian standards...

Er, okay.

Not saying this a bad flash. But it was really boring.... the music was annoying and, what was it Italian or something? Coulden't understand the lyrics by just listening. The graphics were cool.