Reviews for "The Head - The Leg"

I think i broke something.

I think something broke when i watched that. This is all my friend devins idea, its his favorite show.

WTF did i jus finish watchin?...

That was kick ass! i've never seen that before.i don't know what the hell just happened, but was really cool! good job, i wanna c another!

weird but good

this was good and weird at the same time so i like it


loved it.... was really trippy, i liked the way the transitions moved, very smooth.... nice... the 'subtitles' were kind of distracting but nessicary... i guess... i really liked it.... lol i dunno

Oh my god

Newgrounds needs more things like this. Simply amazing.

GreenMoon responds:

The NG-visitors don't like movies like this. There are no fights and sex, no genitals and blood, here is only the idea...