Reviews for "The Head - The Leg"


shit.. whoa

So, uh... yeah... why didn't this get first place?

I loved how everything was so abstract and stylized. The music was awesome too. For the style you were trying to depict, this cartoon was a flawless effort. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Good, very good.

I liked this flash and its good to see some new cartoons on the front page. I found this very creepy, and its got a david firth style to it. But still, the concept is very original and different. Keep it up.

Oh my god


Well. I can't really describe to you accurately how I felt when I watched this movie. It's strangest was surpassed only by its creativity, and the movie itself had a bizarre sort of flow. It was nothing like i've ever seen before on newgrounds, or really anywhere, for that matter. I think it deserves to be in the top ten on my favourites list.

Pablo Picasso is grinning in his grave.


that was possibly one of the weirdest yet most jaw dropping flashes i've ever seen. Creepy as hell. Surreal. Nice work.