Reviews for "The Head - The Leg"


Ummmmm...... You know what.... That video freaked me out a little
and that is very hard to do. There are very few things that I find creepy or freeky and i like being freaked out.... Great Job!!!

I gave you 8 on the graphics cuz the style of drawing could have been.... lets say creepier.
I gave you 7 on the sound because the music was good but if it was in english I wouldve gave you 10


That was fucked up.



uhh wow

that was umm different : /


Better leave the green colored monster flashes to David Firth. Just not digging it. You know what im tired of ppl saying MAN YOUR FUCKED UP, AND TWISTED, YOU NEED HELP. everyone has an immagination and just because they are able to express it does not make them a crazy individual. They are just thinking outside the box. Go to a museum of art and you can see all of those people who are "fucked up" yet are renowned, aspired individuals with a sense of creativity. Must you shoot art down? If you cant appreciate Salvador Dali, surrilasiim, or cubisum then just keep to yourself instead of passing jejune opinions.