Reviews for "just2pale tribute"

Cool idea

It was neat to see an artist try different styles for his character, especially since most of them were pretty humorous. Good job.

I Like

Pretty snazzy idea there, it does get a little quiet during the middle though, but other than that....MAKE ANOTHER!

short but sweet

awsome job dude thats premo quality style drawing and a little chuckles too well anyway see you at the forums

it was some good stuff

every thing was good expect the one with the bat. its cleary that its a rip off of Foamy, unless that was your intension to piss them off lol thats some fun stuff

just2pale responds:

umm,, yes,, it was suppose to be a "foamy".. hense the description at the beginning lol


Yet another good anmation by pale. My fav was the DBZ when he powers up and just panics because hes on fire lol. giveing you a 5 for your good work.