Reviews for "just2pale tribute"


Was... GAY!!! -_- Hey I know! I will steal some other guy's shit and make my charecter in them! Whoooo!!!

just2pale responds:

HAHA I know you should it works,, HAHA,,
you should do your flashes,,, oh wait,, awww you dont have any,..

so sad

that sucked

that sucked rich donkey ass

just2pale responds:

dont knock it till you try it.. HAHA.,,

your name says enough,,

nice one

well done, i liked it. the best one was of course david firth.
keep up the good work! : )


Overall this was very good, i think your illwill was a little off, but your david firth more then made up for it.

Hopefully we will see some animations in your own distinct style soon enough.


This is great animation... this is so good ... veryy ... umm good lol