Reviews for "just2pale tribute"

You Just Cant Saty In One Place Can You.

Good Job Withg The Short. When Are You Going To Be Making More Anims With J2P? But Who Said You Were The #1 NG Artist...? J/K

just2pale responds:

you bastard, lol.. sup man,, I didnt say I was a top artist,, I said the people I was spoofing were,, god read, lol

Excellent art

I love your art style. Much like Maxwell Edison.

:) good job

i like it im at your site now!!!!! pale is now my fav!!! wanna c more!

oh yeah

that was awesome. I especially loved the illwill press. You guys kickass.
If yall had an army..I'd join it.

just2pale responds:

only 1 guy,, me,, but join the army anyways I am looking for rock soldiers haha

Lol, good jobbies for Pale... ^.^

good job buddie, you get a cookie!