Reviews for "just2pale tribute"

Very funny!

A great tribute, I am sure the Artists are thrilled. I especially enjoyed the tribute to good ol' Firthy and IllWill. You messed around with a lot of popular styles and for the most part, it worked out great!

Your use of sound was lacking though, but besides that, thumbs up!


None of them really made me laugh exept the foamy one. He dosent deserve what he has.


Good stuff...pretty funny and orignal. i vote 5!


duuuuuuuuuuuuude you are one of the top flash artists............i think.............not!!! haha jk good one the stick animation sucked though buuut i liked the david firth style one the best lol good job ahhh well time to hit the ol dusty trail.....

DUDE!!!! u mised krinkels madness series lol

great job. i laughed so hard, since sum of my favorite artists are illwillpress, and David Firth..but u still missed krinkels....and OOO eskimo bob yah u missed him. but anyways that was a kool flash im voting 5 since u did such a great job =D