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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"


That's pretty good, I think it was a little slow, the guy reminds me on Dante fom DMC a little... hopefully you are gonna make more of this and see that dude kick some big ass lol


Excellent art work --> Nice plot sorta - Bounty hunter (seemingly) is really monster hunter. Nice.

i love this shit man awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

this is awsome i love this and i love the camera angle were its looking down the barrel of the gun!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!! awsome!!!!!!!!!


Rawrrr! this shit is seriously gangster!!!! but sadly im afraid, you've overextended yourself. your probably not going to make into a successful series because its too excellent if you catch my drift. it would take you years and if you did do that, well, its better you do it on a different platform to flash because you could make a career of that.


This was Freaking perfect! Without question one of the best flash movies here and on the web. Peeps this is one to see, cant wait to see more!