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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"

Holy shit....

This IS going to be on TV, right? I mean, this is TV quality. Make more, for the love of GOD! *foams at the mouth*


I haven't been around latley due to business conferences but damn this was good enough to speak in my limited time frame. As for the comment Masquatto made. Here's all I have to to say.... the day you can draw this well and and animate this well or better, than your notions of anime are true; otherwise its just jealousy on the fact that this style is simplistic yet it destroys anything that comes from the west. Here is a great example of art in Flash. It didn't reach the top for nothing.


I'm blown away by this super animation!! The sepia look so typical in westerns is well done in and the characters look very rough-n-tumble. Music is very fitting with the cinematics. Professional stuff here!!


Great concept. The Flash adaptation really came off strong, kudos to everyone that worked on this project. Reminded me a lot of Stephen King's "The Gunslinger".

Glad I found it.

I'm a big fan of No Man's Land. This just adds to the overall feel of the manga.
I found it a while back and have been hooked. I have books 1 and 2, waiting for 3.