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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"

Well done

Over all the animation was amazingly done, the only part I had a problem with in general was how you lingered on the scene of him standing at the doorway. Other than that very excellent work.

Nedachi Reviews: No Man's Land Flash Anime - Cool!

I've Been Trying To Find Extreme Animations & Stumbled On Yours, You Have A Talent Yet To Be Found On NG!
In My Opinion, Your Flash Is Excellent & Want To Find Out More On Your Series, It Kept Me Gripped To My Chair, My Favourite Part Has To Be When He Lifted His Hat (I Have A Thing For Eyes On Animations & Like Dark Asking My Self About What The Main Charecter(s) Are Like.

Your Animation Has To Be One Of Not Many I'd Love To Watch On A Daily Basis.
(I Dont Exactly Sit On My Backside All Day Watching Movies & Being Up My @rse About How To Improve.)

But, I Could Think Of Something To Help Even No You No What Your Doing, I Think You Should Of Made The Rain A Little Bit More Darker & Have More Frames To It, I Could See It Skipping A Little But I Was Still Keeping It To The Fact I Like This Animation.

It Was The First One I Typed Up On NG So I No I Was Going To Like It, Obviously The Rain Is'nt A Down Fall, I Was Still Gripped Into Entertainment & Curious Throughout. I Loved It, I Only Wish I Could Be As Good As You, But I Write Reviews. . .
So. . . .
10/10 For You & Your Team (If You Had A Team To Help You) You Did A Good Job
10/10 For The Story
9/10 For The Style.
8/10 For The Rain.
4/10 For For Making Me Ruin A Good Pair Of Underwear
1/10 For Me Having To Clean It Up. . .
10/10 There Was No Stains On The Underwear. . .

Please Message Me If Your Doing More, I'd Be More Than Happy To Write A Review & Spread Word Of Your Animation(s) >>>!OR IF ITS A SERIES!<<<

Thank You For Entertaining Me With This Excellent Peice & Hope You've Enjoyed Reading My Review (If You Have)
I'll Be Watching Your Work In The Future!

Nedachi Reviews
"Because Its What We Do"

Nice work just needs an episode 2. X3

Great graphics and well animated, the story will be epic if it gets on goin. :D
Starts as a normal western bounty hunter story and then... turns out don know what. Well wow, kudos bro. XD

Positively amazing.

Im in awe.


Woah, This is fucking awesome! It combines my favorite things:
Western, Anime, And Devil May Cry Style Monsters!