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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"


VERY well made. Im excited to see more, gave an 8 only cause i have no idea whats going on, but if the series is anything like the pilot i forsee lots of 10s

i like

veeeery nice animation, cool design and concept. but screenplay? there was no dialogue, how can there have been a screenplay? still, nice movie, looking forward to the series proper. oh and i like the professional write-up, very mdeia minded.


Its like The Good The Bad and The Ugly meets The Guyver.

Really Good

Don't know exactly what's going on but I have to be honest and say that It's really cool!

Want MORE!

The art is excelent and the story was intriguing! I would LOVE to see a continuation of this 'series,' if you haven't already posted one. PLEASE make more!