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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"

Hey banegame u suck

I would like to see you do better banegame!!! This is awesome :D

(banegame's a haters) :)

loops, loops, loops!

Too many loops buddy! The problem with using loops this way is that it's very similar to music, in that if you create a musical loops every 4 count, you've effectively lost your audiences attention because all they're doing now is focusing on when there will be change. It seems that you've created loop cycles that run on 4 to 8 frames... far too close to be having such a loop in almost every animated aspect of this piece. As was stated already, great art, poor execution. Keep working on it... cause I know this is just a pilot!

holy shit that was awesome

the quality was great the music was awesome and i hope that you make more


The quality of the art is incredible, which is why I'm so surprised at the quality of the animation. Too many cheap loops and cop out(squashed hand and door). The pacing was erratic as was the animation from time to time(jumpy hair loops). The part that bothered me the most was the trenchcoat that only the bottom 1/5th was flapping in the wind. Also, for all that rain dude looked pretty dry.

extreme animation

a really awesome animation of my old days its good to see its still been honored as it is