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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"


I actually would say the opposite of the guy below me. I'd prefer it just to have been a gritty western, and the whole monster alien thing came across as a little bit lame to me.
Though I guess it's an adaptation of a manga which is about monsters then I can't really pass judgement on that.
Excellent piece of work, though - one of the best animated things I've seen on Newgrounds. When's the full thing coming out?

Style's good

I liked how it looked like there were "layers" in the animation at the beginning of the flash when the setting's being set up. Very cool. I've seen too many flash movies where everything is animated in one layer, but this made it pretty interesting, especially adding to the suspense when setting up that saloon. The premise was a little boring at first, bounty hunting and all, but it had a pretty sweet ending so I'm not complaining anymore.

Sweet Jesus

Ho Sheet! That was messed up. But I love it.
Just. It was kind of Choppy, and the movement rather slow in the beginning.
Also the music needs to change a bit as well.


Amazing! Truly Amazing! The art and music....beautifully made!!


it's Cool but i wish you could make it longer... Nice job, i hope the author who made this makes another cool movie like this...