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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"


that probaly took some serious artistic skills and paitence to make that....tips off to you...



Pretty good!

I thought the design and style are really good, bit this so called "Anime" kind of ruined the point of the word. The eyes didn't seem like a true japenese drawing, and the only face that looked like an anime was the... uhh... guy with the guns.


nice drawings, style, very sleek looking...
One thing that bugged me after w while is the whole, 'pan across the screen real slowly...' it looks good the first few times, but it can make the movie seem dull and boring if used too much


Since Aoi House has it's animation also, that would be cool if Hollow Fields [its also a seven seas] was animated.

[please don't weigh this review as useless please!]