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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"

Got me sleeping

You sure did a excellent job on the graphics, I can tell you that. The took your time on them, which is good. The animation was great too. The little animations that are usually left out, are in it.
Even though everything is great. There's only one thing: Why did you extend the intro that long? It was pretty annoying seeing 1 scene for 20 seconds. It got me sleeping. But overall topnotch. Art is great, and the last scene got me excited for more!

nice job

this is the most finely detailed cartoon i have ever seen on newgrounds and i have seen many cartoons on newgrounds and the graphics in this are amazing in depth this cartoon oozes of quality it has amazing written all over it. please do more cartoons this is amazing its like watching a manga cartoon


that was soooo good the graphics were soooo amazin better than some japanees shows you deserve no.1

Wow just great

so good ending was yea unexpected but it was cool. reminded me of vincent from FFVII

Nice gun art.

That was a good all-rounder,for an anime.Some times it looked a bit 2d though.The ending was un-expected,since i thought it would be a normal western-gunfight flash.

Nice animating,keep it up.