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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"


1st a man he was supposed to kill, gave up and an ailen comes out?

wtf man ...

anyway the screen is too small

seven-seas responds:

We have a larger version at gomanga.com.

Not bad... It's the coolest gungrave like thing

The main character reminds me of beyond the grave from the highly unrecognized gungrave games/anime. That is exactly why I find it so cool it also has a little resident evil 4 thing going with the alien like things popping outta people. So cool keep it up as it will be the closest thing to anything like gungrave ever to grace newgrounds.


probably one of the best gfx ever on newgrounds ever posted !!!
what can i say : make more !

Wonderful Animation

I'm not particularly a fan of anime, but credit should be given where credit is due: this is a fantastic peace. The background art was crisp and richly detailed, the animation smooth and fluid; you're clearly not a dilettante in that regard. The sound was also interpolated nicely, and matched the onscreen action well.

I'd say it was a little short on substance (particularly with concern to orginality), but I won't stretch that debasement too far. It was, after all, a pilot/teaser.

Nice Very Nice

You got some mad skills what else can I say...