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Reviews for "No Man's Land Flash Anime"

Wow that was kool

man that was awesome I really liked it, every thing in that flash just worked together keep up the good work can't wait to see if you make this into a series

Sorry this isn't for me

You know I'm really sick of all you people saying short term phrases like yo or anime. Why are you all such lazy people? Read it in the dictionary!
Oh and as for my review, pretty much what that guy below me said.

no where

okay heres just my opinion so dont freak out or get mad.......... the graphics were OUTSTANDING! But......unfortunatly it got no where.....this out law is wanted this guy comes in shoots this guy in the back mosnter burst out kills outlaw and ends with guy shooting at the monster....in my opinion it was to drawn out and got nowhere....but the graphics were amazing so thats how u get the 7 good job! although just cuz i didnt like the story line its probaly gonna be a useless reveiw lol oh well idc

I've always wanted this turned into an Anime.

It's great that you have turned one of my favorite manga into a flash series. The art and monster looks just like it. I hope the next episode, whenever that is, is even better and lives up to its name. :P

Awesome but...

Awesome, the art was exactly the way i liked it, rough and sketchy, but the gigantic monster in the end really tuined it, but i guess it's hard to find an anime without one.