Reviews for "Hopeku - Crazy Illness"


Like always, Hopeku, you're a god. I love the way you blend supersaws with fullon bass, it makes my favorite pseudo-genre of all time!

Mastering on this one is great, I can hear everything clearly and let me tell you, there's a lot to be heard in this track. This is a great song, in every aspect, and I can only say you've done it again, Hopeku.

Also, hey, as a favor to my buddy ph0ne, why don't you see if you can get one of your collaborations released to a label? I'd like to see him get out there as an artist, and I'm sure he'd be really pumped if he actually got a song in the market.

hopeku responds:

Well I finally decided that our last track wasn't good enough. But we're gonna try again next week and see what happens. I'd love to get signed with him!

Thanks for your wonderful comment on my track, this is really appreciated!


Brilliant as always.

hopeku responds:

Thanks buddy!

This songs got soul man.. soul

This took me back a few years man. Made me felt like i was livin my child hood when songs had soul, had a beat, rhythem. You must be a servent of the god of music dude cause this peice is godley...godly? Goddly? Can't spell it but you know what i mean.

hopeku responds:

haha that's too much!

Thanks man

I hope a music maniger finds this

OMG grate song i wish i had this on album. your up there with bass hunter and other artists

hopeku responds:

haha it's still not good enough but thanks!


That was crissement good!!!

Sorry it's been a while since I listened to your shit, bro.

WHOA! Fuck. At the moment my dad just noticed I was breathing ridiculously fast while listening to this.

Damn ok you deserve 10 this time!

hopeku responds:

hahaha thanks man toujours aussi cool tes commentaires