Reviews for "Hopeku - Crazy Illness"


I LOVE everything about this song! To me it feels like it has some sort of foreign vibe to it, but i can't describe it...
Buildups were amazing, and the way it follows through is just flawless.
I can honestly say there was never a second during this song where I was bored.

I'm just bummed that I won't hear any more amazing psy like this from you, not for free at least. :( Oh well, guess I might buy some of them at some point... anyways, enjoy the profits and GOOD LUCK! :D

hopeku responds:

haha dude don't worry my music will be available in torrents soon or later :)

Thanks for your support!

I was wondering

now i know you put so much effort into this song. I can tell by the sound of it. But the name confuses me. Crazy illness? I was almost thinking something like dark chaos or something around that. But then again, it's your opinion.

Oh heres a ten also.

hopeku responds:

At first I thought of naming Dark Asian Demon Angel 69 but Crazy Illness felt more right to me.

Oh and thanks.


A sick song made on meh birthday! Good job dude.


That was crissement good!!!

Sorry it's been a while since I listened to your shit, bro.

WHOA! Fuck. At the moment my dad just noticed I was breathing ridiculously fast while listening to this.

Damn ok you deserve 10 this time!

hopeku responds:

hahaha thanks man toujours aussi cool tes commentaires

Current Score 4.34 / 5.00 (+ 0.00076)

yo i added you to msn to let you nkow cuse i talk to djrunaway and he gave me your account oh hey man i also work a at a music store to hahaha =D

I voted 5 peace