Reviews for "Hopeku - Crazy Illness"

Very awesome

I'm glad you made a psytrance song man! This is fuckin awesome!!

5/5 10/10

hopeku responds:

thanks buddy!

the stuff...

...is good. :)

hopeku responds:

Thanks ;)

Love It!

The only trance group(band) i know is scooter.
But God Damn i loved it! Great beat and rhythm.
A 10 out of 10 great job!

hopeku responds:


This songs got soul man.. soul

This took me back a few years man. Made me felt like i was livin my child hood when songs had soul, had a beat, rhythem. You must be a servent of the god of music dude cause this peice is godley...godly? Goddly? Can't spell it but you know what i mean.

hopeku responds:

haha that's too much!

Thanks man


10/10 5/5/

hopeku responds:

And all my lovin' !