Reviews for "Hopeku - Crazy Illness"

ye ye

this is sweet music, i like the base cuz its beastly mastered and goes good with my stereo 10/10 5/5.

Aw hey

You're the man who gave me Cornflake cat :D Yay. Thanks for more new free music, you sir are a good man.


One of the best trance songs I have ever heard. And only other contender is your version of jew golds. It fits amasingly, has great sound effects, brilliant drums and the tranistion from dark at the begging to to the higher, more synthy stuff it ghreat too, mainly becaue there both have elements of each other it there. The only bad thing on the whole song is the stransition back to dark at the end, which isn't wuick as smooth. I'm still giving you a ten though.

Voted 5, downloaded and put to the top of my NG fave's. When you get signed, please continue making music as good as this, because a lot of artists just pump out mediocre stuff really quickly once their stuff is in higher demand. However you seem to keep with this musical gold fairly quickly so hopefully you won't.

Won yourself a fan :D


This is a great song, it really is like a professional house/trance tune that sounds much better to me than the most commercial ones. How much did you pay for the mastering? There are free modules to do that for you... but I guess not as good as a real professional would do it. Anyways great job, this really is a great 7:30 minute piece of art.


i really love trance and this is one of the best songs of trance ive heard so far!
youre an artist man!
keep it up!