Reviews for "Hopeku - Crazy Illness"

Brilliant track

Again, I love the traditional bassline melody and all the good effects and huge variation of sounds you used. I can definitely see this in a club. Its much better than what a lot of DJs make themselves. And that intro is just amazing, very catchy.

The main melody itself is very upbeat, happy, and catchy. I again am amazed on how you kept all this energy throughout this song without making it too repetitive. It's absolutely incredible, great track.

Your transitions flow smoothly and they don't sound empty. Your buildups are well made and catch lots of energy as they build (of course :P) Amazing trance song, excellent work. Your outro could do with a less lazy breakdown, because it looses too much energy at once, and gets repetitive. Your outro is maybe the only slightly negative thing you have in here, but I wouldn't blame you, a 7 and a half minute song would tire you out. :P

You did what you did, nothing bad too it and everything great about it. You just keep amazing me with your tracks.

good song

Holy, man great trance song. Its one of those "party trance" songs.
Keep up the good work dude.

Hey, did you know that I make techno-trance music too? Why don't you check it out?~XD~

hopeku responds:

I sure will!

Thanks man!


A fine blend of sounds that make ya wanna dance. Unmatchable; this blows away alot of the other stuff on here. 10/10, 5/5!

hopeku responds:

Hey thanks man. Comments like these are always appreciated!

Oh Allah!

What a good song you have! I like how you combined trance with a traditional psytrance bassline, and structured it a lot like psy too. Bravo! The melody is just too good man.

hopeku responds:

Hey thanks buddy. Wait until we release our song. It's gonna kick asses!