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Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"

lol, pretty dirty but funny

That reminded me of so many geeks at my school! "a-heh-heh, graphics 2..." but did you really need the robot porn?

Sick and funny

that was kinda funny yet of course sick i relay didnt wanna watch a guy jack off for roughly 5 mins or else i woulda done it my self and taped it anyways thats kinda stupid how plp in reviews cant take a joke and act like they know the guy and defend him. i cant belive there is actualy transformers porn though thats hiloursy

holy fuck!

jesus! wow...transformers having sex.
might be beter if we new who the guy was. although i can still tell that he was son of a bitch!


oookay now i've seen everything.

Poor Guy Gets a Slagging

God that guy must have given you some damn bad reviews, but at least you animated your main character well.