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Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"


That was pretty good, I cant wait to see if he reviews. Im glad this didnt get whistled for that dumb no making fun of other members rule. I like to believe I made that a rule because back in the day I made a movie called teddy tea bags that was just completely roasting one of my dorky badass wannabe reviewers named "haboki" after I made that he never used his account again

every hear of Karma?

man what comes around goes around. i would bet you could expect more flaming now!!

i just wonder ... why the effort? is this sinister guy worth this much attention? past experience most flamers on a message board only do so to get the attetntion, stop worrying about them or responding to them and they eventually go away.

i hope the time and effort you put into the sinister guy and this flash get you whatever it is you wanted.

Karma police... ... arrest this man!

happy flashing.


that was um... inteesting...


Lol dude, you know ppl fucking hate you when they put this much time and dedication to make you look like some bisexual fucktard! lol Jeez man, if he saw this you gotta tell me I would love to hear what he said X*D dam you cold blooded!

Pretty funny.

I thought it was acually pretty funny. Altho I thought it was a little mean to do, but still funny in any case.