Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"

((( CUTE )))

The Red ball was funny, but you should have made it with much more activity, like maybe when you click on it it would boince or something, also adding some backrounds would have been nice aswell...


way too long

The biggest problem with this was the pacing. It just went on and on after the joke had pretty much played out.

Edit it down to about half, and maybe the joke won't be stale by the time the piece ends.


Great job guys,

this mindchamber is proud :*)

Zombie-Pimp responds:

thank you, man. This is just the beginning of many amazing Res-Productions flashes to come. But we aint animating LR until you finish that tween tut!

Pretty funny.

I thought it was acually pretty funny. Altho I thought it was a little mean to do, but still funny in any case.

Absolutely boring

Wow, an animation rubbing one out to the Transformers. I got bored after a few minutes of 'ugh ugh' and the smacking sound.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

yea so did I, I guess its a lot funnier as an inside joke.