Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"

weird shit

That was pretty fucked up man

So freaken sick

It was disqusting and sick, but I couldn't stop watching. Tells ya something about us internet pervs. And in fact THAT is the Truth of the internet.

Poor Guy Gets a Slagging

God that guy must have given you some damn bad reviews, but at least you animated your main character well.


this was funny, I liked it.


Well, let me be frank about this. What exactly did you use to make the fapping sound? It sounded pretty realistic to me, and don't give me that crap about how you used a cod, like you told 'Mentor you did. Guess who the ones who REALLY wanked off the movie are ;)

Zombie-Pimp responds:

are you SM's boyfriend or something?

I'll have you know that this is an inside joke between friends, so stop sucking SM's dick and mind your own business instead of trying to stick up for a guy when you don't even know what's actually going on.