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Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"

Sick and funny

that was kinda funny yet of course sick i relay didnt wanna watch a guy jack off for roughly 5 mins or else i woulda done it my self and taped it anyways thats kinda stupid how plp in reviews cant take a joke and act like they know the guy and defend him. i cant belive there is actualy transformers porn though thats hiloursy

Even MindChamber found this amusing?

I gotta admit, this is a sick way to get back at someone, though I admire your willingness to be evil enough to go through with it. I imagine if a portion of those I went to high school with knew how to do flash, they would be making similar things to get at ppl :P.

Good job.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

lol 99% of the flash I make is to pwn other ppl. All of it gets blammed tho :(

What the...

This was sort of funny but really sick. The thing that puzzles me is where are the female Autobots. I wonder what Sinister Mentor will do when he sees it. ^_^.


Lol dude, you know ppl fucking hate you when they put this much time and dedication to make you look like some bisexual fucktard! lol Jeez man, if he saw this you gotta tell me I would love to hear what he said X*D dam you cold blooded!

Not.......to my taste

Why make such a hideous thing?!!? The graphics were real good and the pornographic drawings of robots I must day were very artistic, but I thought there might be some kind of twist at the end. To my horror, I discovered I had watched a guy jack off for 5 minutes, only to see him cum. Sorry, not too happy bout that.