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Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"

Er...uh...what did I just see?

Okay, it was twisted enough to show a guy jackin' off the way he was. But you kept it going for FAR too long. The art style was kind of nice, but you know, there's a rule for this sort of thing: If you're gonna try and bash somebody online, do it in a stylish way, and this wasn't very stylishly done, so...sorry.


im reviewing 4 the same reason as the prsn before me, who's review if i hadnt read it i wouldnt have watched it in the 1st place. and i kinda agree w/ sinister when he said u should have made it a little shorter. + if it started on a forum this is kind of lame anyway.

Oh I love it.

That was beautiful... Not the flash itself... Just the fact that the person this is about actually bothered to reveiw, and whine about it. I salute you sir. As for the flash itself, it made me laugh at the start but got a little drawn out at the end. "Metal meat." Haha :D

Yet another way to get at someone

I gotta admit, this is a sick way to get back at someone, though I admire your willingness to be evil enough to go through with it. I imagine if a portion of those I went to high school with knew how to do flash, they would be making similar things to get at ppl :P.

Good job.

So I was linked to this again the other day...

Fun Fact; This was made after I flamed you for tracing artwork and then posting it without mentioning that it was traced, but mentioning thise would of course ruin everything.

The pacing ruins this so much, it's not even funny. It seems like you spent more time throwing in porn (Which is ripped from some random site Zephyr posted, not me) and making grunting sounds than actually thinking about what you were doing, making for an overly drawn-out borefest with sub-par visuals. If it had moved faster and gotten to the point sooner, it might've been a more effective counter-attack, but even then it still wouldn't excuse what you did to instigate the whole event that lead up to it.

P.S: it's not your forum

P.P.S: naruto still blows ass