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Reviews for "The Sinister Truth"


that was funny!

dude that was sick

it was fun but dude how could you that that was so fucked up and transformers its yes make it funnier haha fuck i almost pee my pants haha fuck oh yeah oh zero oh fuck wtf thats crazy dude


As much as I love gay videos that was too hard hard to watch, not because of the content but because it was so long and it got the picture burned into my 14 year-old brain for the rest of my life(kinda like when i watched canibal holocaust, but thats on a whole different level of fucked up shit). Anyway cool video, its pretty hilarious.
How could sit down and make that? Oh my god watching the guy jack off for like 10 hours or however long it took you to make that. JESUS!

Nope. :/

This is kind of retarded hun. If your going to bash someone on the internet, just don't do it. its stupid.


WAY to innapropriate for my taste but I get the idea.