Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"

Really good....

Looks like someone found the power of NNXT ;p.

Everything I heard in this track was really proggy sounding.
The lead and atmosphere never really left it's little bubble, I was expecting a big liftoff after 4:34.

I felt that the song could use a bit more melodic variation, deeper progressions.
There's always room for improvement; I really think that house is one of the genres that's constantly getting crap from people because majority of it is repetitive, and producers shouldn't follow the majority.

Anyways enough of my ranting, it is a great song, but like I said there's always room for improvement :p.


You have amazing potential. I will be following closely to watch your success. Keep it up!

I hope this doesn't offend you... but I feel like this song should have been used for the opening of one of the Tekken video games. :D