Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"

aalright here we go..

now this isn't really my kind of music, and honestly i think you could have benefited from some bassy FX. some distorted square bass would have sounded nice under there, also. I think that main chime-ish dreamy bassy synth thing that you used was just a little bit thin. maybe double it up with a 5th note enhancer or something.....

how enjoyable do you find this yourself, on a scale of 1-10?

BrokenCrossfader responds:

On a scale of 1-10 of my satisfaction of this tracks is equal to the score you gave me on this one, which is about an 8/10. I'm never completely satisfied with some of my work because there is always something I find out later that should have been done before to improve it.

About the distorted square bass, it isn't a bad idea, but it would contradict my lead and throw off the frequencies so I filtered the bass to be a little more subtle while still having a presence in the mix. Plus distortion is something I save for my Electro House work.

I agree with what you mentioned on the chime being a little thin. I was trying to go for something not completely up-front to maintain the atmosphere, but I regret not adding a 4th or a 7th note to it.

I'm satisfied that you took the time to listen.



You have amazing potential. I will be following closely to watch your success. Keep it up!

I hope this doesn't offend you... but I feel like this song should have been used for the opening of one of the Tekken video games. :D