Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"


like u mentioned i see alot of dinka influence in your tracks. i love dinka too, fav track being meaningful story.
Mate its hard to see good house producers such as urself here in the states. I love all the instruments you used on here, especially doing so on reason.
mad props.
the stabby plucks are truly beautiful.
best wishes on your songs!

5/5 10/10 and dl'ed from me

2 great influences for house msuic.

Dinka can get you lost in music, while adak+soha can have you moving involuntary. Really good piece man.

Oh Mah Gosh

I love the beat in this song! The drum is so full, crisp, and clean: it's awesome.
I found it very relaxing due to it's slowly progressive and non-aggresive melody, which I found very lovely indeed. I enjoyed the song's evolution (which kept it new and intersting) while it always kept going back to the original sound (which gave it charecter and something to remember about it).

Keep this stuff up, I Like It!

Keep'em Commin!

This song is some awesome anytime music. Very chill and has a good beat. It is a repetitive song (But in a good way!). I personally cannot critique this song. It is too good for me to notice any flaws or abnormalities.
Awesome Job!

10/10 Fo Sho

-The Hammans
(Thuh Hah-mins)


I must say this is the best house i ever heard ;]
I just wish some 1 could teach me how to use propellerhead :S ;[