Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"

My Cup Of Tea

if progressive house was a religion the whole world probabley would have converted after hearing this godly music

p.s.this song sounds like the credits to some heros epic journey as it all ends and after fans watched this hero grow and evolve throughout his challenges,trials and failures keep it up :D

I likey

reminds me of an old song called damn trance. would be perfect for a completely euphoric roll. the only discrepancy i have is it feels like some parts shouldve had some harder hitting bass, to draw attention away from the lead synths (at parts). very well composed piece breh. 5/5 9/10


i could shuffle to this all night long lol nahh not really but really nice work man!!!

Really good....

Looks like someone found the power of NNXT ;p.

Everything I heard in this track was really proggy sounding.
The lead and atmosphere never really left it's little bubble, I was expecting a big liftoff after 4:34.

I felt that the song could use a bit more melodic variation, deeper progressions.
There's always room for improvement; I really think that house is one of the genres that's constantly getting crap from people because majority of it is repetitive, and producers shouldn't follow the majority.

Anyways enough of my ranting, it is a great song, but like I said there's always room for improvement :p.


You are just amazing, you have inspired me to make house... But, I cant! I cant find things like your filtered bass and any of the synths you use. I love this alot :D
This is amazing!
Just plain amazing!