Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"

Nice music :)

It's so super! :P
I'm just wondering: how do you export your music to mp3?

2 great influences for house msuic.

Dinka can get you lost in music, while adak+soha can have you moving involuntary. Really good piece man.

your grasp of reason is superb

being a fellow reason user I can appreciate the lengths to which you must go to achieve such a crisp and full sound. awesome work here, man. :)


this is some real progressive house...great work/style and I personally the mastering is pretty flawless on the track. Each instrument flows together perfect and the drums are perfect


like u mentioned i see alot of dinka influence in your tracks. i love dinka too, fav track being meaningful story.
Mate its hard to see good house producers such as urself here in the states. I love all the instruments you used on here, especially doing so on reason.
mad props.
the stabby plucks are truly beautiful.
best wishes on your songs!

5/5 10/10 and dl'ed from me