Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"


This is what i call music! It really puts me in a good mood. Sounds great, when you're playing it on 5.1 speakers. Man, you should get paid for this. Keep up the good work!


i think the kick should be turned down slightly, its masking the other sounds on my headphones. This is a long track, so I am happy to hear all the dynamic variation.

the part at four minutes should have started the climax, not the build-up to it. As is, it starts to drag on during the last two minutes...

solid shit, though


I love this song ! great beat and good changes and ahh 10/10 : D

Wow amazing

Very very pro sounding. Perfectly balanced and a great mix of instruments to give a very chill house piece. Effects and everything fit right into place. I don't think I can find much to complain about. Again wonderful work with this one.


Totaly awesome! XD

This is an amazing tune, not too fast and not too slow
a perfect mix